SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.10.29 — — 2018.11.02)

This week, SmartMesh has achieved good achievements in phases. The project was initially conceived with a preliminary scale. In addition, the photon network was officially deployed and launched this week, SmartMesh is refreshing people’s recognition of the blockchain Mesh network at the fastest speed.

Many projects that seem to be cutting edge or even full of science fiction are actually very real, but they have not really made it into the public life at present. But is this not a manifestation of the advanced nature? If SmartMesh were just a routine project, perhaps it wouldn’t be so glamorous.

Ideas that change people’s lives are always “popping up”, as is SamrtMesh. Do you want to get ahead of the crowd and get into a new era?

Previously, the team successfully implemented the node discovery function and node routing function of the Perception software. To better serve Spectrum, the team further developed the Spectrum to make it more practical.

The team also conducted research on Web Assembly and explored its various modes in the hope of contributing to the subsequent development of Spectrum. As for mapping, technical docking with huobi exchange has been completed.

Specific work is as follows:

Development work related to Perception

A. set up the framework of Agent-client and Agent-server.

B. Implement the Rpc and Websocket interfaces of agent-client.

2. Web Assembly research

A. Investigate the way of implementing Ewasm virtual machine in ether workshop, and simulate the deployment and operation contract.

B. Discuss the use of the LLVM compiler framework for Spectrum reference.

3. The technical docking has been completed for the mapping of

The final full test of Ozone 0.5.2 has been released this week. The test results showed that Ozone 0.5.2 was safe and stable in operation. Since the official version of Ozone 0.5.2 is sufficient to meet the user’s current daily use requirements, after the Spectrum is officially used for a large area, the team will make targeted optimization according to the actual operation of Ozone.

Ozone aims to show developers the capabilities of the various modules in the Spectrum network infrastructure, enabling third-party developers to easily migrate their services to enrich the SmartMesh ecosystem.

Welcome to use the official version of Ozone 0.5.2 to feel the charm of Ozone!


SmartRaiden has been deployed and its name has since been changed to photon network. Photon network is not only a simple name change, it has all the advantages of SmartRaiden, but also has the ability of actual operation.

This week, the team mainly worked on the release of version 0.91 of the photon network, the launch of the main network, the description of the use scenario of the photon network, and the development of special plug-ins for Matrix.

Specific work is as follows:

  1. SmartRaiden has officially changed its name to photonic network, and the Spectrum public chain and test chain contract are deployed at the same time. Users can install and use the photonic network according to the official documents published before.
  2. The design of the photon network can guarantee that it will not cause the direct economic loss due to malicious bifurcation attack.
  3.  The main network of the adaptive photon network was launched, and the main use scenarios of the photon network were described, including down-chain transfer, down-chain shopping, down-chain iot application, down-chain no net payment, and down-chain Token atomic exchange, etc., to facilitate the user’s understanding and use of the photon network.
  4. Development of special Matrix plug-ins. The team has set up a special plug-in for Matrix to prevent the unauthorized sending of disturbing messages from other people’s accounts and further improve security.


This week, the team has done a lot of work, not only completing the optimization of SmartMesh APP efficiently and orderly but also assisting the two teams of MeshBox and photon network to carry out the test of photon network operation.

Specific work is as follows:

Add Crash to capture and collect, so as to improve the stability of the program.

2. Add the recognition logic of QR code so that the APP can actively intercept the address in the QR code.

3. Cache avatars generated by usernames to improve APP performance.

4. Adjust the user experience according to the current development node.

5. Test and experience the state of out-of-chain direct payment, indirect payment and non-online payment of version 0.91 of the photon network on the APP and MeshBox.


One of the main tasks of the marketing team this week is to deliver the full range of SmartMesh’s phased results to every supporter. Since the market team enhanced its publicity, we media and multi-media media have been increasingly intensified. However, for the market team, the current publicity volume is far from enough. There are still too many potential target customers of SmartMesh, so it is a continuous work to let them understand and feel the value of the project. The marketing team is now trying to do better.

The marketing team also conducted market analysis and applied for intellectual property and patent protection, as well as docking with huobi exchange. The docking with the exchange has been completed. Please wait for the announcement of the

Specific work is as follows:

Through we-media and cooperative media, published a number of contents, such as the official deployment of the main photonic network and the design scheme of the SMARTMESH ecological general channel (WORMHOLE), etc., to facilitate lovers to further understand the project conception.

2. At present, SmartMesh has received a large number of cooperation intentions. The market team, together with leaders of SmartMesh, has fully analyzed each intention.

3. The application for intellectual property and patent protection in the United States continues.

4. For the exchange of, the technology research and development of has been completed. Please wait for the announcement of

On Nov 10, SmartMesh will be invited to attend the “2018 bidou smart technology summit” held in Xinyang, China. The summit will focus on the practical application of beidou satellites, information systems, satellite communications, and cloud services. SmartMesh and MeshBox will be connected with satellite receiving equipment to demonstrate the integration of heaven and earth networking, which is also the first practical case of the application of tiandi integrated blockchain technology in smart urban and rural projects.

On Nov 15, SmartMesh will be invited to attend the “2018 inclusive finance technology summit” held in Singapore and have roundtable discussions. At that time, SmartMesh will work together with global blockchain elites to contribute ideas for promoting inclusive finance.

If you want to know more about the SmartMesh project, keep your eyes on the SmartMesh weekly update.

All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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