SmartMesh Weekly Update(2018.09.24 — — 2018.09.29)

The research and development work of SmartMesh is reaching to next level smoothly. This week, there is a lot of good news from SmartMesh, the details of Spectrum, SmartRaiden, and other aspects are further improved and the market achieved remarkable achievements. The team has been trying their best to achieve the prime results.

At the same time, SmartMesh team has started to work on the large-scale ecosystem construction of SmartMesh, and once again conducted coordination and joint test with MeshBox project, to promote the closer integration of SmartMesh and MeshBox.

Spectrum is the core of part of a SmartMesh ecosystem, which is compatible with all existing projects in Ethereum. In the future, it will also be dedicated to building a self-ecosystem realizing the interconnection of all things and creating great value.

The team continues to explore the technologies involved in the Spectrum and doing its best to promote rapid development.

Specific work is as follows:

1.The team rewrote the LlibP2 development package to realize point-to-point connection through a direct connection, relay, and bridge in response to different common chain operation scenarios. The completion of this work has enabled the Spectrum to meet the point-to-point connection requirements under any circumstances, greatly enhancing stability.

2. The team again discussed the consistent blocking algorithm that was currently adopted by Spectrum. Combined with the three technical achievements of Plasma MVP/Plasma Cash/ Plasma Debit, the team thought about the possible state of the subsequent two-layer structure and conducted simulation analysis on this, in the hope of exploring more results than the existing assumptions.

3. Studied the RPC service interface of ether workshop, tracked and debugged the interface of WebSocket mode.

4. The current Ewasm and CVM are followed up.

The team focused on optimizing the Ozone 0.5.1 version for PC wallet function. Some of the previous minor deficiencies have been fully resolved this week. People who haven’t used Ozone yet, are warmly welcome you to experience the charm of Ozone.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Fixed the problem of re-entering the application interface from the system tray without determining whether the user has set the login lock, and improved the smoothness of the operation.

2. Improved the efficiency of obtaining account Token balance information, the query speed of SMT and other balances are significantly improved.

3. Based on the Ethereum JSON RPC official document, focusing on the functions of the management API promoted the integration of Dapp.

The team mainly carried out the Matrix service transfer implementation, the 0.8 version of the SmartRaiden data update work, and jointly conducted a test with the MeshBox team to optimize the performance of the SmartRaiden on the MeshBox to ensure the success of the Philippines demonstration in October.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. The team implemented the SmartRaiden transfer function based on Matrix communication. Currently, users on the same and different Matrix servers can transfer funds through SmartRaiden.
  2. Continue to pass the test, to verify the safety of the program, so that the safety of SmartRaiden is further improved. Even when the smart network is functioning properly, the team is still insisting on various forms of testing to ensure safer.

3. Completed third-party services, contract specifications, message specification updates, and document hosting, so that users can have a better understanding of SmartRaiden capabilities.

4. Assisted the MeshBox team in joint debugging and joint testing of SmartRaiden operation and modified some code designs according to feedback, to make SmartRaiden more match MeshBox.

The team has optimized the SmartMesh APP. This optimization is mainly aimed to optimize the actual application status of the APP, which makes the various operations of the SmartMesh APP stable.

Maybe some of you will ask, why is the team continuing to optimize the SmartMesh app? In fact, it is very simple, to provide you with a better experience.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Solved the problem of group chat user array out of bounds.

2. Solved the problem of creating a group chat timeout.

3. Refactored the method of logging error logs.

4. Chat message adjustments reduced the probability of application crash.

5. Updated transaction record database, in case of too much data stored at one time, makes APP use slow.

The marketing team continuously focusing to promote SmartMesh, community maintenance, pre-event preparations, and the work is being carried out in a proper fashion.

At the same time, Smartmesh received a work registration certificate issued by the China Copyright Administration, which helps resolve copyright disputes caused by copyright ownership and provides evidence for resolving copyright disputes.

The specific work is as follows:

1. On 10th October, SmartMesh will visit Philippine to launch MeshBox ecosystem to bring a blockchain Mesh network demonstration to the local people. The two parties will jointly demonstrate a number of functions including blockchain Mesh networking and networks payment.

2. At present, the exchange announced that the opening of the public currency SMT and the withdrawal of the currency, which means that the public currency SMT is safe and stable at the exchange. Please note that the public currency SMT that has been mapped in the Gate Exchange should not be transferred to unmapped exchanges (such as ) to avoid unnecessary losses.

 The mapping of the exchange has been prepared completed. Currently waiting for the exchange to be scheduled, please be patient.

The picture shows the registration certificate

3. The National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China has issued a work registration certificate for SmartMesh, and SmartMesh has been officially protected by the China Copyright Protection Center.

This means that once a team or individual plagiarizes and imitates the SmartMesh project in China, it will be sanctioned by Chinese law. This will have a positive impact on the protection of SmartMesh’s copyright and project rights, as well as the future protection of the SmartMesh ecosystem.

4. The team collected the suggestions of SmartMesh enthusiasts through the community, questionnaire, public message, and other forms. At present, these opinions have been completed and the management is expected to give feedback. Thank you for your concern and long-term support for SmartMesh.

If you want to know more about the SmartMesh project, keep your eyes on the SmartMesh weekly update

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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