【Adjustment】Regarding SmartMesh Mesh Token Bonus Time Zone Problem

Due to the fact that we did not specify the time zone of the SmartMesh MESH Token Bonus event’s starting time, many community members from other time zones were confused and missed the chance to participate in the event in time. We deeply apologize for this and in order to thank everyone for their continued support and understanding we have decided to extend the starting time from 0:00 on January 18, 2018 to 23:59 on 19 January, 2018 SINGAPORE TIME. However the end time of this event will remain the same.

Therefore, the new timeline of this event now is adjusted from 23:59 on 19 January, 2018 to 23:59 on 24 January, 2018 Singapore time. The other rules have not changed and remain in effect.

18th Jan 2018

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