【SmartMesh Ecosystem: Development of SMChain and App 1.0 beta version Release】

1. SmartMesh APP 1.0 beta version has been released and enables communication between Android to Android & IOS to IOS devices without requirement for any internet or telecom connection. Future releases and products built on this will open the doors for “Non Internet” communications between Android and Apple devices. Some of the core technologies are already in testing and optimization stages. In addition, the Serval Project (related information can be viewed at http://www.servalproject.org/, https://github.com/servalproject) is a research project funded by the SmartMesh Foundation and supported by Netcom and is developing more mature and sophisticated protocols ramping up with SmartMesh to continuously optimize the SmartMesh protocol.

2. The team also decided to develop the SMChain (SmartMesh Chain) which is a public chain of the SmartMesh ecosystem. Based on the current development and research of Ethereum, many problems were discovered that seriously affect the migration and operation of mobile devices and equipment nodes. We will be using a new hybrid mining mechanism, cheaper chain charges, better mobile devices, IoT device compatibility and SmartMesh protocol support. The future of our entire ecosystem will be based on this chain which is expected to be completed in Q2 of 2018.

Project ecology and community building are the two most important aspects of development for SmartMesh. We will continue to foster our socio-tech ecosystem. It is also hoped that every member of the community can actively promote community development and elevate the global SmartMesh ecosystem.

29th Dec 2017

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