【Announcement: SmartMesh V1.0(Beta) will be released soon】

Dear SmartMesh Community:

Thanks to your continuing support and interest in our project, and to the concerted efforts of the development team, the SmartMesh V1.0 (Beta) app is expected to launch by the end of this month.

This beta release will allow users to socialize, correspond and interconnect with or without internet access. Friends can create chat rooms, implement group chats, share images, and commit file transfers amongst other functionalities.

The next version of SmartMesh is also under development as we speak. It will leverage Raiden Network and blockchain technologies to add the abilities to make offline and online payments quickly and securely.

The fully featured release of the SmartMesh app in the near future will integrate mesh network capabilities, social communications, wallet payments and much more. It is bound to generate a lot of excitement and use-cases right out of the box.

Please stay tuned for updates!

The SmartMesh Team

21th Dec 2017

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