Henry Wang Kraken Yu Leo Yao
Founder CEO VP Global Engineering VP Mesh Networking
Internet Protocol Scientist FPGA ASIC Architect. Former Chief Strategy Officer for Cubits, leading European Crypto Payment Exchange in Berlin / UK. Former Head of Huawei Mesh NetWorking Product Line.
Maxim Prishchepo Thomas De Rouck Ashton Addison
Architect Marketing Strategist Community Development
Blockchain and Smart Contract Expert. Former Marketing Specialist at IBM, Lenovo and Betway Brussels, Belgium. CEO & Founder at EventChain.io.


David Lee David Cohen Xingsheng Zhang
Professor of FinTech and Blockchain at Singapore University of Social Sciences. Member of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Singapore. Member of the Financial Research Committee of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Founder of Dcntral.ai, Executive member of the IOTA Foundation and HashGraph Advisor. Regional Director-General Nature Conservation Association North Asia President and CEO of Asialnfo Technology (Nasdaq: ASIA) Executive VP and CMO of Ericsson (China) Founder, China Entrepreneur Club (CEC).
Jay Addison Dustin Byington Lee Wilson
President EventChain Smart Tickets Crypto Broadcaster on Reuters Insider Financial Network. Pre-ICO Investor Blockchain Business Builder. President of World Blockchain Foundation Advisor of the Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox of China Blockchain Ambassador.
Dr.Peter Yan Bonnie Normile
Former Senior Staff Engineer, America Wireless Access Labs Huawei Technologies; Former Principle-Scientist,Enterprise Switching Business-Unit Broadcom; Former Systems Architect, Business Development and Strategy Group Freescale Semiconductor. Blockchain Cryptocurrency Enthusiast Funding and PR at Israeli Blockchain Association IBAF & ICO Analyst at ICOBench Advisor to specialty Blockchain/ICO projects Former Partner at Signal Capital.


Binsheng Wang Yongquan Xiao
Member of Micro-finance Top 50 Forum Executive Committee Distinguished Professor at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Graduate School. Angel Investor of 8BTC CEO at d.cn.