Ozone is equipped with Spectrum wallet functionality, including creating addresses, importing addresses, backups of private keys, and transfers. It also has the ability to deploy smart contracts and manage smart contract functionality. Ozone also displays block height, block time, and the number of nodes in the chain.

Ozone is a gateway to the Spectrum network infrastructure for developers, allowing third-party projects to build upon the network and enrich the SmartMesh ecosystem.

Issue your token

Ozone Client Functionality

Spectrum Wallet Management

1.Create a new account or import an account.

Create/import account is successful, please see:

Click on the account to edit the account name, backup account and transfer.

2.Click Transfer, you will see the current account balance on the transfer page, enter the transfer address and transfer amount, the system will help you calculate the gas value that needs to be consumed, confirm the input information is correct and click Confirm Transfer.

Contract management

1.How to deploy smart contracts:
Open Ozone, click [Deploy Contract], paste the solidity code into the compiler, set the "Contract Name", "Construction Parameters", "Custom Contract Name", "Contract Owner", currency conversion amount (optional), Click [Create Contract].

In advanced mode, you can directly use the compiled ABI and bytecode of the external solidity compiler for developers to use:

Enter the password and click OK:

2."My contract" can manage the contract, the contract has two states.

① The transaction is sent, without a block confirmation, in the Pending state:

② the status after the block is confirmed:

* The method of calling the contract will show different format according to the different methods in the contract: