SmartMesh Spectrum Public Chain Main Network is LIVE!

Hello SmartMesh Community!

After much support and encouragement from you, and day after day of development and testing by the tech team, the SmartMesh Spectrum public blockchain main network launched on April 30th, 2018 at 18:00. The official launch of Spectrum means that blockchain 4.0 has been unleashed on planet earth! Let there be Colorful Light!

Genesis Block

The genesis block generated by the SmartMesh team will generate an amount of SMT equal to the total amount of ERC20 tokens that previously existed which is (PI billion) 3,141,592,653 SMT.

SmartMesh Blockchain Browsers

SmartMesh blockchain browsers have been officially launched. Their web address is

Ozone Client

The goal of Ozone is to show developers the functions of each module in the Spectrum network infrastructure so that third party developers can easily migrate their services and enrich the SmartMesh ecosystem. Ozone R&D is just beginning, and technological progress will advance steadily.

The Ozone Github link is here:

SmartMesh Wallet App 2.0

The SmartMesh Wallet App 2.0 which is synced with the Spectrum public chain is now available. If you download it and the balance says 0, please do not worry! All of the ERC20 SMT will be mapped to the new Spectrum wallet.

SMT Mapping Plan

When the official test is completed on MeshBox in Spectrum, we will map the ERC20 tokens at a 1:1 ratio for all SMT accounts on the Ethereum network into Spectrum SMT Tokens.

All SMT holders, including those using cold or hot wallets and exchange users, do not need to do anything. For specific mapping details, please pay attention to official announcements.

Technical Development Plans

After the main network goes online, the team will deploy SmartRaiden on the Spectrum public chain. Then, any project on the Spectrum ecosystem will be able to use SmartRaiden to realize crypto-micropayments.

As the project rolls out, SmartRaiden and Spectrum will be integrated on MeshBox hardware to operate as key ecosystem technologies.

SmartMesh Message

Spectrum is designed for the interconnection of all things supporting light nodes, clients running on smart devices, M2M payments, internet-free payments as well as other next generation networking technologies. Spectrum is bringing an entirely new dimension to blockchain allowing it to break free from the greater internet and expand into geographical frontiers where existent infrastructures are poor or non-existent. This new dimension of network freedom will allow half the world’s population that is currently without network access to leverage blockchain for connectivity. Spectrum will illuminate the global network blackout with color and light, and usher in the era of blockchain 4.0.

SmartMesh Foundation Pte. Ltd.

April 30th, 2018

All the times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore Time.

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