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We Make World Mesh Possible

We build a mesh network protocol and micropayment in tokens so you will get rewarded for sharing your smartphone to build a global mesh.

SmartMesh Network

  • A network infrastructure with each device acting as a data relay
  • Data packets hop through the best path to reach the intended destination.
SmartMesh Network is
  • Robust
  • Private
  • Resilient
Go to Mesh 101 to learn more about Mesh Network

SmartMesh Token (SMT)

The SMT token will be a virtual currency to be mainly used for circulation within the SmartMesh network.

An SmartMesh Network SDK can be integrated with any Applications, so that applications can use our mesh network when Internet is unavailable or connection is poor.

The SMT will be consumed to send data packets, while at the same time the relaying nodes in the mesh network earn SMT.

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SmartMesh is a User Autonomous Communication Protocol through which smartphone users are incentivized with tokens to build a decentralized mesh network. SmartMesh is an Airbnb-style smartphone node marketplace, on which people can be both network service provider and a customer.

About SmartMesh Foundation


Henry Wang
Henry WangFounder CEO
Internet Protocol Scientist
FPGA ASIC Architect
Maxim Prishchepo
Maxim PrishchepoArchitect
Blockchain and Smart Contract Expert
Paul Gardner-Stephen
Paul Gardner-Stephen
Senior Research Scientist
Flinders University
Founder of Serval Project
Ashton Addison
Ashton AddisonChief Marketing Strategist
CEO & Founder at EventChain.io
Matthew Lloyd
Matthew LloydExpert in Disaster Telecommunications
Bingyang Li
Bingyang LiCOO
Principal at Muyan Blockchain Academy
Co-founder at Little Mu Blockchain Marketing


Xingsheng Zhang
Xingsheng Zhang
Regional Director-General, Nature Conservation Association North Asia
President and CEO of AsiaInfo Technology (Nasdaq: ASIA)
Executive Vice President and CMO of Ericsson (China)
Founder, China Entrepreneur Club (CEC)
Jay Addison
Jay Addison
President, EventChain SmartTickets
Crypto Broadcaster on Reuters
Insider Financial Network
Dustin Byington
Dustin Byington
Pre-ICO Investor
Blockchain Business Builder


Binsheng Wang
Binsheng Wang
Member of Micro-finance Top 50 Forum Executive Committee Distinguished Professor at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Graduate School
Yongquan Xiao
Yongquan Xiao
Angel Investor of 8BTC
CEO at d.cn
Haihui Zhang
Haihui Zhang
Founder and Secretary General of Blockchain United Development Organization
Microfinance 50 Forum Joint Initiator and Secretary General
Haihui has also engaged in financial technology and financial research in the People’s Bank of China and Alibaba for years.