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Mesh Network 101

 Mesh Network

  • A network infrastructure with each device acting as a data relay
  • Data packets hop through the best path to reach the intended destination.

SmartMesh Network is

  • Robust
  • Private
  • Resilient


With conventional Internet, when the Access Point (AP), be it your over-charging Internet Service Provider (ISP), or a nearby telco cellar tower, fails, you lose your connectivity completely and there’s no rescue until the AP is back online. While many today take connectivity for granted, they could fail, and they could stay offline for a sustained period of time. During civil and political activities, governments have shut down connections so people could not organize themselves. And after tragic natural disasters, cellar towers are toppled while communication is dearly needed. SmartMesh would come to the rescue and potentially save many lives at these critical moments.


Imagine a company working on a project of immense value, how can it protect business secret while at the same time maintain smooth in-team communication. Certainly, they can build a local network and develop their own communication software. For businesses that could not afford such investment, a mesh network is the best choice. With a mesh network, no information would ever need to leave the local network as all communications are done within the mesh network.


There are many occasions where the conventional networks fail and only mesh could thrive. During events such as music festivals, fireworks, and some sports events, we will have extremely poor Internet service as the Access Point is over-burdened by the density of devices accessing. Such events are occasional, making it uneconomical to build comparable infrastructure for such density. However, mesh network gets only stronger with density of nodes. Essentially, a packet in mesh networks finds the fastest path to an AP and APs further away join the same mesh network to share the burden.