SmartMesh at the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference in Tokyo

On November 11th Aaron Zhang represented SmartMesh at the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference in Tokyo, the first ever of its kind in Japan. Experts from numerous industry companies convened to share their insights and put their products, services and ideas on display to an enthusiastic Japanese crowd numbering over 2000. Attendees found SmartMesh’s offline capabilities especially appealing since they will enable users to operate, communicate and transfer payments without internet or phone service in scenarios where telecommunications infrastructures are down. This could potentially save many lives in a disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami, both of which have posed great challenges for Japan in recent history.

Over 25 companies were exhibitors including Lysk, EOS, Augur, Clout, SelfKey and Ardor with nearly 20 speakers pitching to the crowd, many of them being the founders or CEOs of their companies. Energy was high at the conference as the electronic megacity of Tokyo drew some of the newest companies in the game to the country where the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto supposedly started the whole bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency trend back in 2009.

But the big differentiator for SmartMesh was once again its ability to perform all the interactions of a social network between peers in a community without having an internet or telecommunications infrastructure. The fact that SmartMesh will have its very own cryptocurrency with an ICO coming up in Singapore on November 29th also piqued the interest of conference-goers as the SmartMesh booth boasted a healthy and inquiring crowd surrounding it throughout the day.

Japan has a relatively progressive approach to adopting cryptocurrencies and related technologies and is adopting them quicker than many other markets. This was a great opportunity to dive into the fray and it was not missed by SmartMesh thanks to Aaron and the inside scoop he gave to all who visited the SmartMesh booth.

November 16th, 2017