Mesh Network App and Token


We Make World Mesh Possible

We build a mesh network protocol and micropayment in tokens so you will get rewarded for sharing your smartphone to build a global mesh.

SmartMesh Network

    • A network infrastructure with each device acting as a data relay
    • Data packets hop through the best path to reach the intended destination.

SmartMesh Network is

    1. Robust
    2. Private
    3. Resilient
  • Go to Mesh 101 to learn more about Mesh Network

SmartMesh Token (SMT)

The SMT token will be a virtual currency to be mainly used for circulation within the SmartMesh network.

An SmartMesh Network SDK can be integrated with any Applications, so that applications can use our mesh network when Internet is unavailable or connection is poor.

The SMT will be consumed to send data packets, while at the same time the relaying nodes in the mesh network earn SMT.

SmartMesh Mesh aim to enable a Global Mesh Network parallel to the Internet.

Every SmartMeshphone is like a SmartMesh. A single spark can start a wild fire on a prairie. With the increase in Fireflies, mobile SmartMesh nodes create a network of their own; the apps would be SmartMesh enough to choose a path for each data packet, over Internet or SmartMesh Mesh. Blockchain was on PC nodes only, and now they are making their ways to SmartMeshphones with mobile light node technologies, which allows crypto currencies trading whether access to the Internet is available or not. SmartMesh off-Internet Payment lets crypto currencies can be traded even when the Internet is off. For the future generation of communications, the Internet and SmartMesh Mesh complement each other, SmartMesh Mesh will be carrying a large number of local traffic and it will be the most optimized universal connection.

SmartMesh is a User Autonomous Communication Protocol through which smartphone users are incentivized with tokens to build a decentralized mesh network. SmartMesh is an Airbnb-style smartphone node marketplace, on which people can be both network service provider and a customer.